How do I contact Fixation?

You can contact Fixation by phone or by email.  Our telephone number is 0207 582 3294.

For all repair or service inquiries, please email

When you have sent items to Fixation for repair or are expecting us to contact you on any other matter, we ask you to check your spam and junk folders in case our emails have been incorrectly filtered as such.

For information, repairs information will usually be emailed from, while service estimates will be sent from

For all sales inquiries, including second hand, contact

For any rental inquiries contact the rental team at

Book a repair with Fixation

If you bring your repair in person, we will book it on our system and issue you a receipt with a job number while you wait. If you send your equipment, we will normally book it on our system on the day we receive it, or occasionally the next day.

If you supply us with an email address, we will send you a receipt for your equipment by email, showing the details of the equipment and any accessories received; whether you have requested an estimate; whether you are claiming the repair under warranty; and any notes about the fault or work required. Please check this carefully and let us know if you disagree with any aspect of the receipt. It will be very helpful if you quote your unique job number in any communication with us.

How do I submit a repair to Fixation?

If you bring your repair in person, we will book it on our system and issue you a receipt with a job number while you wait. If you send your equipment, we will normally book it on our system on the day we receive it, or occasionally the next day.

If you supply us with an email address, we will send you a receipt for your equipment by email, showing the details of the equipment and any accessories received; whether you have requested an estimate; whether you are claiming the repair under warranty; and any notes about the fault or work required. Please check this carefully and let us know if you disagree with any aspect of the receipt. It is very helpful if you quote your unique job number in any communication with us.

How can I get an Estimate?

If you require an estimate for work, we aim to prepare this within 48 hours of the equipment being booked in, but can sometimes take up to 4 days, depending on our workload. For the sake of speed, this will normally be emailed to you as soon as the administration team is able to do so. You may specify if you prefer to receive estimates by telephone, email or fax.

After receiving an estimate, you can instruct us to go ahead and complete the repair, or to return your equipment. Should you decide not to go ahead with the repair work stated, you are responsible for collecting the equipment from our workshop or paying for a return delivery.

If you require an insurance letter and wish the equipment returned to you without repair or replacement, we charge a £25 administration fee and £10 shipping, plus VAT. If you subsequently have the repair completed or buy replacement equipment from us, we will refund the administration fee.

What is a Service Estimate?

A service estimate, which is provided free of charge, is given by a technician and relates to equipment that has been booked in to Fixation for service or repair. The service estimate includes non-invasive testing of the equipment and diagnosis based on the technician’s knowledge of repairing the same models in the past.

Estimates are subject to re-estimation. Sometimes on closer inspection (particularly in the case of liquid damage and impact), more parts are found to be damaged or a different part to usual is discovered to be the cause of the fault. In these rare instances, the admin team will contact you with a revised estimate before any more work is carried out.

Rough prices provided by the admin team before equipment arrives or at the point of booking in cannot be guaranteed and are always subject to a technician’s inspection once the equipment arrives in the workshop.

Repair service turnaround times

You can find our current turnaround times for common issues for each make of equipment we service on our repair services page. They typically range from two working days and upwards, depending on demand and the supply of spare parts.

In order to adhere to our founding principle of serving professional photographers, we reserve the right to prioritise our workload as we see fit, which may occasionally mean non-professional customers will have to wait slightly longer for repairs.

If you bring us equipment that, for whatever reason, we are unable to repair on-site, turnaround times are beyond our control. You will be advised of the expected wait on an individual case basis.

Please note that we maintain stocks of commonly used parts for Nikon, Canon, Profoto, AquaTech and Quantum, but spares for less common models, rarely used parts or very expensive parts for older models are usually ordered when needed. We order spares from Nikon and Canon at least twice per week, so the exact time to complete your repair may vary. For parts available from stock, Nikon spares arrive next day, Canon in 2-3 days. Parts not available from stock normally arrive in 2-3 weeks from central European stocks. We do not receive estimated delivery dates for parts not available from stock.

How will you return my equipment to me?

We use UPS and Royal Mail for the majority of repair dispatches. These are all next-working-day services within the UK and our standard charge within mainland UK is £10 plus VAT. If your consignment is large or heavy, we may increase this charge to cover our costs. If you require a timed or Saturday delivery, a supplement is normally added. To guarantee next-day delivery, arrangements and payments must be made by 2pm on the day of dispatch.

Fixation Terms and Conditions
Terms & Conditions of Hire

These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with any rental document issued by Fixation, to which they apply.  The term “hirer” refers to the customer who is hiring the equipment from Fixation.

Hire Period

Hire charges are calculated on a “working-day” basis and not “time-used” basis. A ‘working-day’ is defined by Fixation’s opening times (Mon-Thu: 08.00 – 17.30, Fri: 08.00 – 16.30). The equipment will be available for collection from 15.00 the working day before the hire period commences at no extra cost and should be returned to Fixation premises at the end of the hire period indicated in the hire receipt or the following working day before 10.00. A special weekend rate applies when equipment is collected after 12.00 on a Friday and returned by 10.00 on the Monday following. This period is charged at a rate of one working day’s hire. If the Monday should be a Bank Holiday, no extra charge will apply if equipment is returned to Fixation by 10.00 the following working day. We do not offer half day rates. Prices listed do not include VAT or shipping charges.

For hire periods longer than 4 days, a reduced daily rate would apply as follow:

Hire period Charge
5-7 working days 4 x daily rate
8-9 working days 5 x daily rate
10-11 working days 6 x daily rate
12-14 working days 7 x daily rate
15-17 working days 8 x daily rate
18-21 working days 9 x daily rate
22-30 working days* 10 x daily rate

* Longer hire periods are available upon request.

Rental charges are calculated on the basis of collection from Fixation premises; any courier/despatch charges shall be the responsibility of the Hirer.


All equipment released for hire has been thoroughly checked and cleaned and regularly serviced by our technicians.  Every effort has been made to ensure that it is in full working order when it leaves Fixation’s premises.  Fixation will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever arising from any failure, use or mis-use of the equipment, nor for any consequential loss arising  therefrom.  Fixation recommends that the Hirer makes their own checks and tests of the equipment before use, particularly before important assignments or foreign travel.  If the equipment should fail during the rental period, Fixation will endeavour to provide a replacement or similar item as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee to do so.   It is recommended that in the case of important, costly assignments, Hirers should indemnify themselves against loss due to failure of hired equipment.  It is assumed that the Hirer has sufficient skill and knowledge to operate the hired equipment correctly.


Fixation shall require the Hirer to leave a deposit equal to the full replacement cost of the equipment at the time of hire, in the form of cash, bank or building society draft, or credit card, and reserves the right to encash such deposit in the event the Hirer defaults on any of these conditions.  Fixation shall, at its discretion, waive the deposit requirement for account holding customers. For non-account customers, Fixation reserves the right to charge hire costs in advance, or request credit card payment details before collection to be held pending return.

Loss and Damage

The Hirer shall be responsible for the return of the equipment to Fixation at the agreed time, in the condition in which it was released to the Hirer, and with all accompanying accessories.  

LOSS – in the event of loss or theft of part or all of the equipment hired whilst in the care of the Hirer, the replacement cost will be deducted from the deposit, or will be invoiced in full to account holders.

DAMAGE – in the event of damage or breakage, the Hirer will be charged for repairs at our normal rates, this to be deducted from the deposit, or invoiced to account holders.  Damage in transit shall be the responsibility of the Hirer.


All equipment hired must be covered by valid insurance.  If the Hirer is unable to produce evidence of such cover at the time of rental, then Fixation shall automatically apply its own insurance at the rate of 10% of the hire cost, plus VAT.  Fixation’s insurance is valid up to a maximum value of £7500, throughout Europe and North America, excluding any war zones, with “All risks” cover.  Worldwide (excluding war zones) cover up to £4500 is also available by prior arrangement.  All equipment taken abroad must be carried as hand-baggage, and no unattended or unexplained losses will be admitted. The hirer shall have a duty of care to take all reasonable precautions to keep the equipment secure and in their possession at all times.  Failure to do so, or any negligence on the part of the hirer shall risk invalidating the insurance. An excess charge of £250 (£500 for pro Digital bodies) will apply to each item claimed for under this insurance.  In the event of loss or theft of the equipment during the hire period, the Hirer must inform both the Police and Fixation at the earliest opportunity, and a Police report will be required for insurance purposes.  In the event of damage to the equipment, the Hirer shall inform Fixation at the earliest opportunity.


Equipment is hired and bookings taken subject to availability.  If equipment which has been booked becomes unavailable through no fault of Fixation, then Fixation will endeavour to provide similar equipment at the agreed time, but cannot guarantee to do so.    Availability of equipment to honour bookings made depends upon the prompt return of the equipment from the previous Hirer; in the event of failure to return hired equipment at the agreed time, Fixation reserves the right to charge a surcharge on the normal daily rate for each day or part of day that it remains overdue.  In the event that equipment is returned damaged through mis-use by the Hirer, then Fixation reserves the right to charge the Hirer any lost rental fees due to the equipment being out of service, in addition to the repair costs as detailed in paragraph 4.


The Hirer should check the rental agreement carefully to ensure that all listed accessories are present upon collection of the equipment.  Any accessories not present when the equipment is returned will automatically be charged to the Hirer.

Acceptance of the equipment for hire will be taken to signify acceptance by the Hirer of these terms and conditions.  Any decision by Fixation to waive any condition or requirement under any hire agreement will not in any way prejudice Fixation’s rights under any other term or condition of the agreement.

Terms & Conditions of Courtesy Equipment Loan

These terms and conditions are raised in addition to and should be read in conjunction with our standard Hire Terms and Conditions.  They apply to any courtesy loan of equipment for whatever reason. The term “hirer” refers to the customer who is being loaned the equipment by Fixation.  Acceptance of Courtesy equipment is taken as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, whether or not this document is signed where indicated by the hirer.


Fixation may agree to loan courtesy equipment under certain circumstances, including but not limited to the following:-

a. Where a customer has purchased new Nikon or Canon equipment from Fixation and suffers a failure of the equipment during the warranty period, which is not due to customer misuse or abuse.  If Fixation is satisfied that the fault is a valid warranty claim, and is unable to complete satisfactory repairs within two working days of the equipment being submitted to Fixation for inspection, then Fixation will issue loan equipment for the period until repairs are completed.  Whilst Fixation will endeavour to provide replacement with the same model, if this is not available for whatever reason, we will supply the next most appropriate model. 

b. Fixation may agree to loan courtesy equipment where a customer believes that a repair carried out by Fixation’s own workshop has not been satisfactorily completed.  Fixation reserves the right to inspect the equipment before issuing a loan to verify the customer’s claim.  Whilst Fixation will endeavour to provide replacement with the same model, if this is not available for whatever reason, we will supply the next most appropriate model. 

c. If a customer suffers a service failure due to an oversight or error by a member of Fixation staff, or by an agency outside of our business through no fault of the customer, if appropriate, we may, without prejudice and as a gesture of goodwill, offer to loan alternative equipment to enable the customer to continue their business activities.

In all circumstances, if the customer requests a replacement unit to be sent before Fixation have satisfied themselves of the fault or error, then such equipment will be issued on a chargeable basis, and may be altered to courtesy loan subsequently if circumstances meet the necessary conditions.

Shipping or Courier charges

Fixation will bear the cost of sending Courtesy equipment to the customer.  The cost of returning the equipment to Fixation shall be borne by, and be the responsibility of the hirer.

If Fixation is sending equipment out, we reserve the right to request proof of address for non-account customers, and we will only ship to this address.

Period of Loan of Courtesy Equipment

It is a strict condition of this agreement that the period of loan expires 48 hours after Fixation has informed the customer that their repair is completed and ready for collection.  Fixation will make all reasonable effort to contact the customer by email, telephone, text message or any other means at Fixation’s disposal to inform the customer that their repair is complete.  If the customer fails to return the Loan equipment within 48 hours, the loan will become chargeable at our normal rates.

All other normal terms and conditions relating to Liability, Deposits, Insurance, Loss and Damage, Availability, and Accessories also apply to this agreement.

Terms & Conditions of Repairs

In any communication please quote the job reference number.

Conditions of repair

These conditions apply to any agreement between Fixation and any customer (individual or organisation) entrusting us with goods for evaluation or adjustment.

Important Note: All repairs are thoroughly checked before release but it is expected that a final check of the equipment be made by the user.  Fixation cannot accept any liability for consequential loss due to failure of repair or delayed return.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Any claim under the manufacturer’s warranty must meet the terms and conditions set out by the maker.  Claims must be accompanied by the appropriate paperwork.  As a minimum this means an acceptable proof of purchase; an applicable warranty certificate may also be required.  Failure to provide the correct documentation may result in a chargeable repair.  Be aware that warranties on digital products may be regional and therefore only valid in the designated area in which the manufacturer intended it to be sold.  Grey imports and overseas purchases may therefore be exempt.

A warranty claim will also be refused if examination shows the cause is anything other than a manufacturing fault, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Improper use, damage or defects caused by incorrect storage, impact, excessive shock, liquid damage or damage by foreign substances.
  • Repairs, modifications, tampering carried out by an unauthorised third party
  • Damage caused by incorrect voltage input
  • Use of spare parts or software not compatible with the product.
  • Damage in transit.


The estimates we provide are based on examination and diagnostic tools. Estimates may be subject to later revision if the internal condition of the equipment is not as anticipated (e.g. unforeseen damage or third party tampering), or if on further examination we find additional work is required.  In these circumstances we will provide a re-estimate of the work and costs.

Our estimates should be suitable for insurance purposes, we would advise contacting your insurer for their policies and claim procedures.  If additional letters are required further charges may apply.

Estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of the estimate.


No refusal charge is incurred, but Fixation has insufficient storage space to hold items indefinitely and the return of the goods must be arranged within 4 weeks.  Applicable arrangements include collection, payment of despatch charge (£10 + vat for standard, overnight delivery by courier) or authorisation to dispose of the goods on site.  In the absence of such arrangements, a recorded letter will be sent and the item will be disposed of.  We may charge storage fees if extended storage is requested.

Repair Times

All effort will be made to minimise turnaround time. Actual times will fluctuate according to demand and technician availability, but estimated turnaround times are updated on our website.

Any dates quoted by Fixation for completion of repair work are approximate and not guaranteed; we cannot accept liability for any consequential loss suffered as a result of a delayed repair. Some delays may occur whilst we await supply of spare parts required to complete a repair. Every effort will be made to keep the customer informed of progress, but such delays are beyond Fixation’s control and influence. 


Repaired items will only be released on receipt of payment, where applicable.  Payment is expected within 4 weeks of notification that the repair is complete.

Payment may be made in person upon collection of goods, or by telephone when arranging despatch.  We accept payment by cash (collection only), debit/credit card (excluding American Express and Diners) or Bacs transfer (goods will only be released when funds have cleared into our account).

For card holders’ own security when taking telephone payments, anti-fraud checks are made based on matching the address of the registered card-holder.  For this reason, we reserve the right not to accept payment by cards registered to non-UK addresses and in these circumstances a Bacs transfer may be required.

Where, despite documented reminders (by email and letter), items are not collected or paid for after three months, in accordance with the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act, this equipment shall be disposed of in order to retain from the proceeds of such sale any amount sufficient to defray costs of repairs and expenses incurred in attempting to trace and notify the customer. The customer will be entitled to any balance, but no interest shall be payable on any amount retained by the company.

Repair Warranty

All Nikon & Canon repair work is guaranteed for a period of 6 months from the date of invoicing, unless otherwise stated (3 months for all other brands). Should any customer not be satisfied with work carried out, they must contact Fixation within a period of 3 months from the time of collection/despatch.  All repairs are thoroughly checked before being released, but it is expected that a final check of the equipment be made by the user. Non-use of the equipment does not extend the guarantee period. Fixation shall not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage whatsoever claimed by reason of repairs carried out, or subsequent failure thereof.

The re-repair guarantee covers failure under normal operating conditions of previously repaired/replaced components and the associated labour.

All re-repairs are subject to inspection and at the discretion of the technician.  Rejection of any claim (for example if the camera has suffered any physical damage or the subsequent fault is unrelated to the previous repair) will result in a new estimate and return shipping charges will apply. 

Shipping charges may also apply if the camera proves to be working to specification with no further repair necessary. 

Repairs covered by our repair guarantee will be returned via standard shipping at our expense (other shipping methods will be chargeable).

Goods in transit

We can advise on likely delivery dates, but these may not be 100% guaranteed.  We cannot accept liability for any consequential loss arising from delayed deliveries.  Consignments despatched via our main shipping options are insured and a signature will be required upon delivery.

Should the equipment appear to be damaged upon unpacking, please retain the item and the packaging (even if unmarked) and notify the Service Department immediately to initiate the claim procedure.

Data Protection

Fixation needs to have address and contact details in order to have full traceability whilst your equipment is in our possession. We will only hold your personal details for the purposes of contacting you ourselves about your repairs, your sales orders, your indebtedness to us or our ongoing business with you. We may use your email address to send you marketing information or for personalised advertising, and provide it to third parties only when acting on our behalf for this purpose. You may opt-out of such communications at any time by emailing us at  or by using the unsubscribe link in our emails. We will not share your details with or sell them to any other organisation without your permission, except if specifically requested by police or other government regulatory body for legal reasons which we are able to verify. We will responsibly destroy any documents containing customer contact or credit card details.