Profoto Repair

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Profoto Authorised Repair Centre

After technician training in Stockholm, Fixation became a Profoto certified Service Station in October 2015.  To accommodate these repairs we have adapted an area of our workshop specifically to cope with the higher voltages of these products. Fixation is one of only two Profoto repair agents in the UK and repair the full range of generators, battery packs, monoblocs, the Air Remote system and B1 & B2 OCF systems.

We are authorised to carry out warranty repairs on Profoto’s behalf (subject to terms and conditions), as well as those that are chargeable.

Our Profoto services include:

  • Flash tube replacements (including quartz tube fitting for high volume work)
  • Technician’s inspection for insurance
  • Electrical component failure
  • Firmware upgrades

Plus, we can give you a free estimate within two working days, with a large collection of spare parts in house to facilitate any repairs.

See if we can service your Profoto head or generator.